Artist Aay Preston-Myint wearing purple gloves and touching photographs on a table covered with books, boxes, and images from the Leather Archives and Museum

Chicago Archives + Artists Project

The Chicago Archives + Artists Project highlights Chicago archives and special collections that give space to voices on the margins of history.
Dion Kaszas sitting at a table, with a camera, papers, and an array of objects on the table

YVR Art Foundation

YVR Art Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC with a mandate to provide funding, exhibition, and research opportunities for British Columbia and Yukon First Nations artists.
Artist Zahoor ul Akhlaq's studio, with media on easels, ceramics and brushes on a table in the back, various objects on the ground, and a small rug and chair

Asia Art Archive

Asia Art Archive serves as a catalyst for new ideas that enrich our understanding of the world through the collection, creation, and sharing of knowledge around recent art of Asia.
Pencil and ink drawing on paper by Eva Hesse

The Drawings of Eva Hesse

This project brings together Hesse’s complete body of works on paper for the first time. It will comprise almost 1,100 sketches, prints, and drawings realized between 1952 and the artist’s death in 1970, including around 350 works from her teenage and student years.
Colorful abstract painting by Mary Dill Henry

Mary Dill Henry Archive

The Institute is processing and digitizing the archive of American abstract painter Mary Dill Henry. This archive includes sketchbooks, photographs, letters, artist statements, press clippings, and records of Henry’s professional graphic design work.